RPG Maker DC - Virtus

The First Task

The beginning of the journey.

Prince Dynastes of the kingdom of Virtus has asked a local transporter of goods and his bodyguard to deliver a small package to the neighboring kingdom of Confortare. One of his personal city guards has also been tasked with accompanying the duo and making sure that they complete their mission.

The group traveled by railway from the capitol of Virtus, Civitas down to a neutral village named Moenia. They did not stay long, insisting instead to set out on their journey towards the nearby town of Urbs. Along the way they encountered a group of wild creations and a mage-warrior that helped them quell the attack. Now travelling with them, the mage-warrior and the group headed off to Urbs.

Upon arriving they were informed about a nearby cave that had claimed a couple of local figures in the town: Dem the villager, and Saepio the guard. The caves where they were last reported as having been seen are known as the Carcer Caves.

When investigating the caves the group discovered they had no means of light, and rather than try to improvise they decided instead to forget the needs of Urbs and continue on to the city of Astu in the kingdom of Confortare.

After filling their bellies and restocking their rations, they made their way to Secludo. A unique tavern that caters to some sketchy individuals. They found Felis, their intended contact out back but unfortunately he had been slain by someone with a sharp weapon not too long ago. The group informed the guard, and the body was removed. Before the corpse had been taken they discovered a small assassin’s kit containing a tiny dagger, a dart with a blowgun, and a ring with a secret mechanism that offers up a small needle when a button is pressed.

The group also decided to open up the package they were delivering and found a note inside with the word “Ars”, and a small purple vial of bitter-smelling liquid they believe to be poison. After some investigating it seems Ars is a local Duke that resides at the castle. They made an appointment for the next day, but as they awoke to greet the sun the city of Astu was under attack by those under the influence of The Nox Metamorphose.

Total time passed: 28 days

  • Civitas to Moenia by train = 2 weeks
  • Moenia to Urbs on foot = 1 week
  • Urbs to Carcer Caves on foot = 1 day
  • Carcer Caves to Astu on foot = 5 days
  • Night’s stay in Astu = 1 day



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