Welcome to the world of Potentia!

Potentia is a planet filled with burgeoning new technologies, kingdoms, magic, and a wealth of mystery.

The massive continent of Tendo is ruled by three kingdoms: Virtus, Sapientia, and Confortare. Each one is trying to control or dominate the others. Because Tendo is the largest continent in Potentia the entire world relies on the three kingdoms maintaining balance. If even one kingdom were to fall to one of the others it would tip the scales and allow the victor the opportunity to take over the entire world.

Potentia also holds a dark secret that seeps into the land from the shadows. It has become known as The Nox Metamorphose. Creatures both wild and tame have become ravenous and deadly. Monsters and demons from the depths of the world have begun to surface and make themselves known. There is currently no explanation or cause for this cataclysmic event and no plan to satisfy the situation. If something is not done soon the petty squabbles of the nobility may be the end for the people of Potentia.

Below is the PDF for RPG Maker DC – 6/26/2013

Update Notes

  • System explained in greater detail.
  • Layout improved.
  • Character creation & leveling up explained.
  • Skill list refined.

RPG Maker DC - Virtus

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